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Salad with carrots, cabbage and smoked chicken

14 min.
4 servings
Salad with carrots, cabbage and smoked chicken
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At first glance, it is even difficult to understand what is included in such an interesting salad. Smoked chicken, carrots and cabbage are harmoniously combined with each other. Slicing into thin strips emphasizes Asian notes in this recipe. When serving, sprinkle the salad with sesame seeds.


Step-by-step cooking recipe

Chop the cabbage and grate the carrots on a Korean grater.

Cut the onion into thin feathers, chop the celery and cilantro, and cut the chicken into strips.

Mix all the ingredients, season, season the salad with mayonnaise and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Irina Kovaleva
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Irina Kovaleva
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