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Chicken soup with lentils

1 h. 0 min.
4 servings
Chicken soup with lentils

Very satisfying and at the same time quite light – such a unique chicken soup with lentils. I recommend using red lentils, because they cook faster and look prettier in the finished dish.


Step-by-step cooking recipe

Pour cold water over the chicken and boil until tender for about an hour.

Remove it from the broth and chop it arbitrarily.

Grate the carrots on a coarse grater, finely chop the onions and fry them until golden.

Add potatoes to the broth, and after boiling, add lentils. Cook everything together for 5-7 minutes.

Add the roast and spices to the soup, and cook until the lentils are ready.

A couple of minutes before the end, return the chicken to the soup.

Irina Kovaleva
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Irina Kovaleva
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