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Avocado and feta sandwich

10 min.
4 servings
Avocado and feta sandwich
Brent Hofacker,

Small crumbs of salted feta very harmoniously complement the delicate taste of avocado. And don't forget about your favorite spices – they are especially important here. I'll share a couple more tricks with you later in this recipe.


  • Bread - 4 slices
  • Avocado - 1 piece
  • Lemon juice - 1 tsp.
  • Feta - 60 g
  • Garlic - 1 clove
  • Spices and seasonings - 2 pinches

Step-by-step cooking recipe

Mash the avocado with a fork. Add spices, crushed garlic and sprinkle with lemon juice.

Dry the slices of bread and put the avocado on them.

Mash the feta and sprinkle the crumbs on the sandwiches.

Irina Kovaleva
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Irina Kovaleva
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