Prunes in the oven for winter

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Prunes in the oven for the winter

Prune lovers don't have to buy it at all. You can stock it yourself in advance – for example, dry it in the oven. The process is long, but simple. There are a couple of subtleties here, which I will tell you more about later in the recipe.


Step-by-step cooking recipe

Rinse the plums and remove the pits.

Pour sugar into each plum and put them in layers in a saucepan. The layers are also sprinkled with sugar.

Heat the workpiece to a boil, stir and bring to a boil again.

Strain the plums from the syrup and let them dry on parchment.

Place the blanks on a baking sheet lined with clean parchment.

Dry the prunes for 4-6 hours in the oven at 40-60 degrees.

Store it in glass, paper bags or in the freezer.

Irina Kovaleva
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