Mushroom caviar from honeydew for winter

1 h. 5 min.
8 cans
Mushroom caviar from honeydew for winter

Caviar from honeydew is a delicacy on the festive table! Prepare caviar from fresh forest mushrooms and enjoy the savory taste of snacks for New Year and Christmas. Serve to the table in tartlets or on sandwiches, or you can use it as a filling in pastries.


Step-by-step cooking recipe

Pick the honeydew, clean it from sand, rinse it under running water. Boil the mushrooms in salted water for 20-25 minutes, then rinse again and discard in a colander.

Put the mushrooms through a meat grinder.

Peel the onion, cut it arbitrarily and also pass it through a meat grinder.

Combine the mushroom mass with chopped onion, add salt to taste and fry in preheated vegetable oil for 30 minutes over low heat. During the frying process, periodically add oil and do not forget to mix.

5-10 minutes before cooking, add bay leaf, cloves and both types of pepper peas to the caviar.

Pack the hot caviar in pre-prepared small sterile jars and roll up. Store the cooled workpiece in a cool, dark place.

Ekaterina Parshina
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