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Salad &171;Caesar&187; with shrimp

25 min.
4 servings
Caesar salad with shrimp

I offer you another recipe for your favorite Caesar salad. This time we will cook it with shrimp and a special sauce. Everything is very simple, delicious and fast. Even with the preparation of the sauce - the whole process will take no more than half an hour.


For Salad:
For sauce:

Step-by-step cooking recipe

Pour the shrimps into boiling water, boil until tender and discard in a colander.

Wash the lettuce, shake off the water and tear into small pieces.

Grate the parmesan on a special grater.

In a separate container, mix mayonnaise with lemon juice.

Add the garlic passed through the press and the parmesan grated on a fine grater. Mix everything well.

In a wide bowl, mix the shrimp, salad leaves, parmesan and salt.

Pour over the sauce, sprinkle with crackers and red pepper flakes.

Olga Beznosyuk
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Olga Beznosyuk
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