Melon jam with lemon

50 min.
10 servings
Melon jam with lemon

My family just loves melons, so during the season we buy it often and a lot. We eat it raw, add it to desserts and be sure to make preparations for the winter. Today I will share with you a recipe for melon jam with lemon.


Step-by-step cooking recipe

Wash the melon, cut in half, remove the seeds and peel.

Cut the melon into small pieces, place it in a saucepan with a thick bottom, cover with sugar and set aside for 1 hour.

Scald the lemon with boiling water, remove the zest, squeeze the juice into a separate bowl.

In a pot with melon, add the zest and lemon juice.

Boil everything together for 10 minutes after boiling, cool, and then repeat the procedure one more time.

Put the pan on the fire, boil for 5 minutes, put it in sterilized jars and roll it up.

Olga Beznosyuk
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Olga Beznosyuk
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